Secretlab Introduces Their 2022 Series of TITAN Evo Gaming Chairs

One of the leading gaming chair manufacturers is continuing to innovate on their design and set themselves apart from the huge competition of replicates. In the 2022 Series of chairs, introduced is Secretlab’s TITAN Evo model, which comes in Small, Regular and XL models, and seeing various new features that should excel it to greatness:

This includes SoftWeave Plus Fabric (a softer and more breathable alternative to their standard SoftWeave material) and NEO Hybrid Leatherette which is said to be tougher than their PRIME 2.0 PU Leather, which is up to 12x more durable.

The lumbar support has also been upgraded to a 4-Way L-ADAPT system which allows you to adjust it to your liking. You’re able to move it up, down, in and out to ensure for your best sitting position.

Secretlab’s signature 4D armrests, which are already incredibly comfortable, are now more customizable than ever before as you’re able to swap out your preferred material through the CloudSwap magnetic system. They should give your arms and elbows the comfort they deserve.

Memory foam head pillow has also been upgraded, featuring a layer of cooling gel for greater thermoregulation. Best yet, you’re able to slide it up or down from the head or to the backrest instead of it being locked to the former.

The proprietary pebble seat base is a combination of Secretlab’s OMEGA and TITAN designs allowing for more room for your legs in all positions.

There are also various quality of life adjustments, such as shorter hydraulics, easier to reach height, tilt and recline adjusters, along with a redesign of the recline and lumbar knobs.

It will still feature XL PU casters wheels and ADC12 aluminum wheelbase, along with the multi-tilt mechanism, 165 degree recline, cold cure foam formulation and a fairly easy to assemble design (along with the various warnings not to touch the recliner until it’s fully built).

As someone who uses his Secretlab Titan chair for around 12-14 hours a day, these improvements are incredibly exciting to see. With various options and enhancement, Secretlab is looking to build the ultimate gaming chair.