100ft Robot Golf Earns October Release Date, Dog-Piloted Mech

Indie studio No Goblin’s eccentric sports game 100ft Robot Golf will be released on October 10 on PS4, with a Playstation VR compatible version being available three days later when the platform launches.

The second title from the two-person development team after 2014’s revolving limousine simulator Roundabout, 100ft Robot Golf combines two of America’s greatest pastimes, golf and giant mechs, into one chaotic experience. In addition to the release date, No Goblin also revealed the latest inclusion to the game’s roster, a multi-colored robot known as Project C, which  is piloted by a team of five small puppies. Project C comes with a powerful weapon known as the Freesword, which can be thrown into and slice both buildings and fellow robot opponents.

Featuring a single player campaign and both local and online multiplayer, plus robot customization and 90s inspired animations, 100ft Robot Golf looks to provide the much-needed elements of chaos and destruction to the relaxing sport when it releases October 10 on PS4.