11 New Titles Now Available For SNK 40th Anniversary Collection

The collection of retro titles in SNK 40th Anniversary Collection just got eleven new additions today free of charge for all SNK 40th Anniversary Collection players. These titles are Munch Mobile, Fantasy, World Wars, Sasuke vs. Commander, Chopper I, Time Soldiers, Bermuda Triangle, Paddle Mania, Ozma Wars, Beast Busters, and SAR: Search and Rescue. The first nine titles are available as an update while Beast Busters and SAR: Search and Rescue will be available as a free DLC bundle on the Nintendo eShop under SNK 40th Anniversary Collection’s store page. This collection is a treasure trove of SNK’s games from the 80’s with many games including both their arcade and console counterparts. More details about SNK 40th Anniversary Collection can be found in our review.