12 is Better Than 6 is a Bloody Western Shooter on Kickstarter

What if Hotline Miami had been western themed? That seems to be what Ink Stain Games have just created with their game 12 is Better Than Six. This brutal top-down shooter is set in the wild west where no one is safe from the protagonist’s vengeance.

If the concept has your blood pumping then consider next taking the pre-alpha demo for a spin. It only runs on Windows, though the full game is planned for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Kickstarter campaign is asking forĀ aroundĀ $23,000 (this is converted from Pounds).

Ink Stain Games definitely have a concept which has attracted players. The Steam Greenlight page was successfully greenlit in under a week. 12 is Better Than 6’s Kickstarter runs until October 9.