2019’s Resident Evil 2 Has Now Sold More Than Original Incarnation

After being teased only to fall into silence, to then surprisingly re-emerge during last year’s E3, it’s no wonder that this year’s reimagining of Resident Evil 2 was largely anticipated going into the year and has now been received with such high acclaim from critics and consumers alike. In fact, the reception has been so good that 2019’s remake of the beloved survival-horror foll0w-up, has now sold more copies than the 1998 original.

Previously, Capcom’s official sales figures had the 2019 remake trailing the original by roughly 250,000 units. But now — thanks to a subtle mention within Resident Evil 3’s press release on the company’s own website — it’s been confirmed that the 2019 remake has now sold more than five million copies sold as of early December. It means that the game now leap-frog’s the original into fourth place when it comes to the highest-selling entrants in the series — trailing Resident Evil 5, 6 & 7 whom have estimated sales of 7.5 million, 7.4 million & 6.8 million respectively.