20th Anniversary DualShock 4 and Gold Headset Out Early September

Anyone who’s a Sony fan remembers the defeat that they faced when the limited edition 20th anniversary PlayStation 4 was no longer available to purchase after it was revealed for the PlayStation Experience last December.

Sony was unbelievably disappointed in the scalpers who purchased the system as they were visible on websites like eBay and Amazon for ridiculous prices.  Scalpers were inevitable, but Sony is giving back to everyone who missed out by making the controller that comes with the system available to purchase at retailers, adding the Gold Wireless Headset into the mix. Both the controller and headset feature the classic logo as well as the original gray color of the very first Playstation.

There is no official release date for either the headset or the controller but they are available to pre-order both on the Sony website as well as your local retailers.  It will be available sometime early September.