2K Releases First Details of NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 is slated to release on September 10, aka 2K Day. Today, 2K has released the changes and updates to this year’s game, as more information for the game will get released the weeks leading up to when it launches. This also includes information for MyNBA and MyWNBA, as staff personnel is being hinted at as the focus for the offline mode. Improvements will be coming to both the current and previous generation of NBA 2K22, which also includes a new setting for The City and The Neighborhood.

A new living and breathing city with NPCs that is complete with matchmaking and new quests will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X versions of NBA 2K22. New matchmaking options including the ability to enter buildings, which seems like a lobby, will allow quicker access to join games. Meanwhile, the previous generation systems including the Nintendo Switch and PC platforms will take The Neighborhood to a cruise ship. Players will be able to participate in shoreside events. More detailed information on the MyPLAYER modes will be available at a later date.

For MyCAREER, players will progress to the NBA by exploring The City, taking on ventures to build a profile, and leveling up the player’s home base in The City. This feels like the old 2K Cribs that were once present in the 2K sports games. 2K states that getting drafted in the NBA will be the beginning of the narrative. More details on this will release in September.

Basketball-IQ and stick skills will play an even bigger role in gameplay for NBA 2K22. Last year, the controversial shot meter was a make or break for players. While there’s no mention as of yet involving the return of this, it’s mentioned that precision jump shooting will be a part of 2K22. A lot more skill will be needed this year to compete as more combos will be implemented into the gameplay. Defensively, a completely revamped shot contest and blocking system will highlight this side of the ball. Elite defenders will shine as defending the perimeter or the paint will be rewarding.

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