2nd Generation AMD Ryzen CPU Will Release in April 2018

This could very well end up being a great year for AMD. Due to the recent issues with Intel and the “Meltdown” malware that tracks people’s keystrokes and is a security vulnerability, AMD is looking to capitalize on this. AMD is not vulnerable to this specific fault, and propelling forward in the CPU world is its best task. The second generation of the original Ryzen CPUs will launch in April 2018. This generation will use the Zen+ architecture, which is number two on AMD’s roadmap out of four releases. The 12nm spec will bring along Precision Boost 2, which will allow for higher frequency clocks speeds. There shouldn’t be any major architectural changes between the first and second gen chips, and these are no the Ryzen 2 chips. These are due to release in 2019 with the Ryzen 3 in 2020.

In addition to AMD’s announcement of the second generation of Ryzen, the company also announced that it will release some new variants of its VEGA GPU over the next two years. The Vega 7nm GPUs will release at some point this year and not offer that many changes over the initial releases. AMD is looking to release NAVI in 2019 and has a next-gen 7nm GPU for 2020.