3D Platforming Throwback Lunistice Receives Release Date

While the indie game scene has seen more than a few attempts to revive classic sixth-generation 3D platformers, the most notable of them tend to pay homage more to Nintendo 64 titles such as Banjo-Kazooie. So it’s a bit of a surprise to see developer A Grumpy Fox’s upcoming platformer Lunistice featuring aesthetics that are instead stated as a deliberate ode to the PS1 and Sega Saturn. The result is something that appears to hopefully be a colorful and fun little throwback, as seen in the trailer below revealing the game’s release date.

Previously known as Eversleep, Lunistice sees you playing as Hana, a Tanuki journeying through their own dreams on a way to reach the moon at the end of it all. As seen in the clip, these journeys seem to move rather quickly, which makes sense when you learn that the game was built with the speedrunning community in mind as well. Lunistice comes out on September 2 for PC and Switch with some assistance from publishers Deck13, and should likely scratch any itch that fans of classic platformers have.