3D Realms Announces Kingpin: Reloaded

Well, out of all of the notable shooters and action games from yesteryear to receive remakes or remasters, here’s one we didn’t see coming: Kingpin: Life of Crime. First released in 1999 by Interplay and developers Xatrix Entertainment, Kingpin boasted a unique setting that mixed art deco and modern technology, more realistic and graphic violence (for the time, anyway), and a soundtrack provided by Cypress Hill, who also contributed to some of the voice acting. Unfortunately, it was also the first high-profile shooter to be released after the Columbine massacre, which not only led to certain retailers refusing to stock the game, but also congressmen calling for the game’s cancellation. But now it’s coming back as Kingpin: Reloaded, so current generations can see what all the fuss was about.

3D Realms revealed the remaster today as a special announcement for PAX South, and you can check out the reveal trailer below. The game will come with Classic and Enhanced modes, 4K 60 FPS gameplay, re-balancing, ultrawide support, and even a new quest system. So if the rise to the top of the criminal underworld still looks a little rough around the edges, developers Slipgate Ironworks are still making sure that this is quite the enhancement. Kingpin: Reloaded is due out later this year for all major platforms, so let’s see if it can earn this second shot at glory.