Vomitron Announces Third Album Of Classic Nintendo Covers

Musical act Vomitron is not only known for creating their own original compositions but also has produced some pretty heavy Nintendo covers. Vomitron has announced that they have a third album of NES covers as a follow to the preview NES cover albums No NES For The Wicked and NESessary Evil. Vomitron’s NES tunes follow a game’s soundtrack from start finish, starting with the intro music of the prologue through the finale when the end credits roll. The third album will be called RighteousNES and is slated for a late spring release, with the track listing below.

01. Mega Man 2 [1 of 2]
02. Ghosts ‘N Goblins
03. Journey To Silius [1 of 2]
04. Final Fantasy
05. Life Force
06. Mega Man 2 [2 of 2]
07. Airwolf
08. Journey To Silius [2 of 2]
09. Silver Surfer