Animal Soul-Hopping in a South Seas Paradise in New Tchia Trailer

Way out on the far western edge of the South Pacific ocean, a couple hundred miles from the east coast of Australia, sit the islands of New Caledonia.  The huge central island is about 250 miles long while a couple dozen other islands range from decent sized to tiny.  It’s your basic south-seas paradise, absolutely beautiful and the perfect setting for an island-hopping adventure.  New Caledonia is also the home territory of development studio Awaceb, and they’ve used it as the inspiration for their new game Tchia.

While plot specifics are so far under wraps, the game itself is an open-world adventure through an archipelago that bears more than a little resemblance to the real-world New Caledonia.  Tchia is a young girl who probably has an excellent reason to be traveling alone across the islands, sailing through the skies on giant leaf parachutes and crossing the ocean on a small raft, but her greatest ability is to temporarily possess animals and various inanimate objects.  Different animals have different abilities, such as the turtle being able to stay underwater or the crab’s snappy-claws, and today’s trailer shows off not just the animals’ versatility but also how they can help zip across the landscape, jumping from bird to dog without needing to touch the ground.  There’s still a lot to learn about Tchia, such as what that refinery at the end of the trailer is all about, but every new video and screenshot for the game makes it look more charming and approachable than the last.

Tchia is coming out some time in 2022 for PS4, PS5, and PC.