Let’s Build a Zoo Constructs a Release Date

The thing about running a business is there are always opportunities to stray into the shady side of things.  Whether that be accepting merchandise from creative sources or cutting corners on ingredients, there are endless choices between pure lily-white legitimacy or becoming black as night and twice as vicious.  That’s every bit as true for running a zoo as it is for any other business, but somehow it just seems worse when there’s animal care involved.  Let’s Build a Zoo is a pixel-art zookeeping sim that’s all bright colors and happy customers on the surface, but the black market is always there waiting for an unscrupulous player to turn their animal charges into a product to be min-maxed for lowest effort, greatest profit.  Or cut a deal for a rare specimen, if you don’t mind getting your hands just a tiny bit dirty.

In addition to setting up the park, taking care of the animals, and tending to visitors’ needs, the other big way Let’s Build a Zoo goes off the usual theme-park rails is with genetic splicing, letting you research and create new animals that are fusions of multiple species.  Giraffephant?  No problem.  Crocabunny?  Why not?  Spider-Slug?  Oh god, I hope not, but if there are slugs and spiders in the full release then yeah, probably.  There are over 300,000 possible combinations so whatever you can think of is bound to be in there somewhere, and probably cuter than you’d expect thanks to the pixel art.

Most zoo and theme park games are deeper than they look under their candy-coated exteriors, but Let’s Build a Zoo is looking to allow the player to dive into some strangely twisted waters.  After a closed beta back in Spring and an open demo for the June Steam Fest, Lets Build a Zoo is finally ready to release in just a couple of weeks on November 5.  While there’s no new release date trailer the original teaser gives the overall flavor quite nicely, but there’s a lot more under the hood as this overview of the Conservation system shows.  Good, evil, or one of the infinite shades of grey, there are a lot of choices ahead in building the perfect zoo.