4A Games Confirm New Metro Game in Development As Exodus Gets Next-Gen Version

The follow-up to last year’s third instalment in the Metro series, Metro: Exodus, is already underway in development, 4A Games have today announced. While the focus may have initially been on the news that Exodus will — like a lot of games released in the past twelve to eighteen-or-so months — be getting an enhanced version for next-gen consoles, no doubt the information fans of the series will pick out, is confirmation of a fourth new game to come in the near future. 4A Games have also hinted that the as-yet-untitled follow-up will also, as the studio puts it: “explore a multiplayer experience in the new Metro universe” — Saber Interactive appearing to be offering support in this side of the game.

The new game will also see a complete overhaul of the engine and renderer running it, so as to take advantage, 4A claim, of the ray tracing capabilities afforded by the new consoles as well as that of its accompanying PC version. In the meantime for Exodus itself, the enhanced version for both PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, will be made available as a free upgrade for both current and future owners of the base game. A release date for Exodus’ next-gen version, has not yet been disclosed.

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