505 Games Adds Indivisible, Journey to the Savage Planet to Switch Library

505 Games has released a lot of top-shelf games on the Switch, and two new ones joined the fray in Indivisible and Journey to the Savage Planet. Both games are available digitally now and in physical form from limited retailers on June 26 and are $29.99 apiece on the eShop. Indivisble offers up a compelling side-scrolling action-platformer blended with an RPG. Journey to the Savage Planet is a brightly-colored and uniquely-crafted first-person adventure with a quirky sense of humor.

You work for the fourth-best company in your field and explore the world to fix your demolished ship. The world is full of bold colors and is a welcome change of pace from the usual first-person adventures with bland color schemes. Indivisible is something unlike anything else as its stunning art design features highly-detailed characters and brightly-colored worlds with an engaging battle system. It’s a tough affair, but it makes winning every major battle seem that much more rewarding. We greatly enjoyed both games, and you can check out our reviews of Indivisble and Journey to the Savage Planet to see if you would like to partike in the games now on Switch and have them on the go.

When it comes to performance on the Switch, Indivisible is fantastic. The game’s sharp art style looks gorgeous either on TV or on the go – and the portable performance is the same as it is on the TV. Comparing it to the PC versions, they each look top-shelf and you can’t go wrong buying the Switch version. If you’ve been craving something with  turn-based RPG mechanics and some platforming blended in with a tough, but fair difficulty cure – give it a go.

Journey to the Savage Planet is one of the most visually-impressive games when it comes to sheer color palette – with every area being bathed in extreme colors. The game’s off-kilter sense of humor comes through no matter how you play the game, but performance definitely suffers a bit compared to the PC and Xbox One versions. While the colorful world is intact and detail isn’t dramatically lessened even on the go, the framerate isn’t as consistent as other versions and that does affect the flow of the gameplay. The core game is definitely a fantastic pickup, but the early-on hiccups make it a tougher recommendation right away. It’s probably best to wait for a patch to help the game’s performance before grabbing this on the Switch.