505 Games Confirm Death Stranding for PC Will Release on Steam…For Now

Early last week, it was announced that Death Stranding — Kojima Productions’ long-anticipated debut as an independent developer since the studio’s split with Konami — would be coming to PC sometime in the summer of next year. 505 Games would be the ones helping with publishing duty, however one of the more critical pieces of information that was strangely absent, was whether or not the game would be tied to the Epic Games Store.

Well it turns out those interested or curious enough about the game’s PC release, won’t have to worry — at least for now — with 505 confirming that Death Stranding will be available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. Whether or not that detail will remain the same until the game’s inevitable summer release, remains to be seen. Death Stranding, currently available only on PS4, was released to the masses today and it comes following a mixed reception from critics, ranging from perfect scores in some parts, middling scores in others, and a few low ratings as well. Check out our review of the game here.

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