505 Games Details Control: Ultimate Edition’s Next-Gen Upgrades

Publisher 505 Games has finally provided details about what kind of next-gen upgrades are coming to Control: Ultimate Edition.

Developer Remedy Entertainment’s beloved shooter finally arrives on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S next week. First released in 2019, the game gained notoriety for its story and gameplay as well as its questionable performance on PS4 and Xbox One hardware. The game was clearly looking to push visual boundaries, but the aged consoles had a difficult time coping. Now, on February 2, console players will have another chance to experience Control.

Control: Ultimate Edition’s finally hits PS5 and Xbox Series X|S as both a standalone product or as a free upgrade for owners on the PS4 or Xbox One versions of the Ultimate Edition. When playing on either PS5 or Xbox Series X, players can choose between two different options:

  • Performance Mode – 60fps target with 1440p render resolution and 4K output
  • Graphics Mode – 30fps target with ray tracing (transparency and reflections) at a 1440p render resolution and 4K output

Do note that Xbox Series S is relegated to just performance mode. On that console, the game targets 60fps with no ray tracing at a a 900p render resolution and 1080p output.

PS5 owners get additional support as well. The game has been optimized to support the DualSense’s adaptive triggers and vibrations. It also utilizes PS5’s Activities and Help functionality to display Cards and videos to help guide players through the game and keep track of progress.

Control: Ultimate Edition launches February 2 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. It’ll be available to PS+ subscribers as a monthly free game starting the same day.