A Blind Legend Finds Crowdfunding Success

One of the biggest changes in gaming over the years has been the increasingly impressive graphics. So how would you feel about playing a game where there are no graphics at all? There are only a few examples of this type around (Blindside, Real Sound, etc.) but it looks like A Blind Legend will soon be joining their ranks.

A Blind Legend tells a medieval story where a Knight’s Lady is kidnapped. He seeks to protect her but the kidnapper, Thork, pops his eyes open — ouch. Suddenly blinded, it seems as though the Knight’s journey is over. However, his daughter Sarah joins in the adventure, guiding him along the way.

Such gameplay based on audio cues is possible thanks to binaural audio. Binaural audio works best with headphones and emulates the type of directional sound we’re used to in real life. For example, if Sarah is on your right and calls to you, that’s where the sound will seem to be coming from.

Although the game was crowdfunded on a French site, English-speakers can test out the tech demo for themselves. DOWiNO were asking for € 40,000 for A Blind Legend and have currently made 101% of their goal on the last day of funding. So far, the game is pegged for a smartphone-exclusive release.

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