A Closer Look at What’s Inside the Diablo 3: Reaper of Soul’s Collector’s Edition

Apparently it’s National Unveil-the-Contents-of-Your-Collector’s-Edition Day. First it was Bethesda’s announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online’s Imperial Edition, and now it’s Blizzard pulling back the curtain on their premium packaging of Diablo 3’s first expansion, Reaper of Souls. Taking cues from previous Blizzard collector’s editions, Reaper’s will come packaged with an art book, soundtrack, behind-the-scenes DVD/Blu-Ray, specially themed mouse pad and, of course, exclusive in-game content. Naturally, the in-game items will include a “Spectral Hound minion,” a “treasure goblin pet” for WoW players, special player-portraits and decals for StarCraft 2 and aesthetic artifacts, which grant players the ability to “transmogrify” gear with a thematic visual flair in Diablo 3

It would seem that Reaper of Souls’ Collector’s Edition will indeed be a true collector’s item, as Blizzard has specifically noted that the package will be available in limited quantities and only at certain retailers. The game is due out on March 25, both digitally and physically. Finally, an auction house-less Diablo 3.