A Fistful of Gun Moseying to Release, New Moving Picture Preview

Ever want to play a ten-player co-op top-down arcade shooter?  A Fistful of Gun has you covered in just a few weeks with its pending September 24th launch.  The wild-west shooter was a big hit when I got to play it at PAX East, crowded with people and bullets flying everywhere, and since then it’s been continually updated with character adjustments, a story mode, and the usual endless tweaks and changes that any game sees in its run up to final release.  The main hook of the game, aside from getting ten people running around at once either locally or online, is that each of the game’s eleven characters controls differently.  The three character types are divided among single-stick, twin-stick, and mouse/keyboard controls, with everyone getting a unique gun and control style to go with it.  It doesn’t take long to come up with a handful of favorite characters, one for every occasion, shooting or blasting through waves of pixely stereotype wild west bad guys.  Check out the cast in the trailer below, and get ready to take down the frontier in a crazed multiplayer bullet-frenzy.