A Girl and Her Alien Cat-Thing in Planet of Lana Gameplay Trailer

Saving the world is too often a job for a lone hero, but there are very few tasks out there that don’t turn out a lot better with a little help.  Lana is on a rescue mission that may end up with some type of world-saving consequence, but her odds of success are vastly improved by bringing along a friend in the form of a mysterious alien.  Lana has plenty to do already, such as running, swimming, and hiding in the long grass from the dangerous creatures she needs to get past, but her companion comes with its own share of abilities too.  The new trailer for Planet of Lana shows off several of them, from the mundane “bite through a cable” to more mysterious ones, such as using the light from its glowing eyes to hypnotize the less aggressive creatures into helpful position.

Planet of Lana is a beautifully illustrated side-view adventure on an alien planet where some life is helpful, some enthusiastically carnivorous, and a couple of the bigger creatures only interested in going about their business with no concern for the hullaballoo between the humans and strange invading mechanical hostiles.  Everything shown so far has revealed a fantastic platforming adventure in a strange but almost-familiar world, and the new trailer only reinforces that promise.  Give it a watch below, and don’t miss some of the more subtle details like the way alien-cat never once touches the water.

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