A Little Bottle in a Corrupted World in Void Terrarium Launch Trailer

It’s well known that bottle gardens can be created to be nearly completely self-sustaining.  Put the right mix of plants inside and seal the top, and you’ve got a perfect ecosystem needing only sunlight to grow and thrive for an incredibly long time.  It’s hard to tell if the balance can truly last forever but there are records of ones pushing fifty years old, so maybe it’s possible.  Living through the decades sealed away is just fine if you’re a plant, but when a robot discovers what may very well be the last human holding on to life in a broken giant bottle it’s going to learn if that works for people too.

Void Terrarium is a wonderfully strange combination of roguelike and Tamagotchi.  The young girl, Toriko, is unhealthy and living in a habitat that’s just barely keeping her alive, so the robot needs to head out to find supplies to both heal her up and create a small chunk of the world safe from the toxic spores.  The items in dungeons can feed Toriko, plus make her happy while the robot is away so it doesn’t need to return so quickly.  A nice habitat in turn gives stat bonuses to the robot, so the two end up interdependent.  It’s an ugly, corrupted world out there, after all, and a little maintenance-bot didn’t have great odds of survival to begin with.  As for the question as to whether Toriko can live her life in a bottle, that’s to be discovered along the way.

Void Terrarium released today and it’s a unique little oddball.  Check out the trailer below, preferably with the volume on for the nicely atonal but thumping soundtrack.

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