A Little World with Big Carnage in Battle Planet Trailer

It’s probably not a good idea to hang out with the worst of the galaxy’s criminals but there’s no denying they’ve got the skills to stay alive.  Or at least, stay alive so far.  The galaxy is a huge place, about 200,000 light years across with up to 400 billion (it’s hard to get a good reading with current Earth technology) stars, so odds are high there’s something bigger, meaner, tougher, and more vicious out there somewhere.  The trio of criminals in Battle Planet: Judgement Day are bound to meet their doom, twin-stick shooting across an endless supply of tiny planets as monsters, cops, and assorted galactic terrors come gunning for their heads.  That’s not definite, though, because high odds of death aren’t 100% odds of death, and maybe with the right perks and a lot of skill they can escape the planet-busting bombs that turn the battlefield of each doomed planet into a shiny new asteroid belt.

Battle Planet: Judgement Day is a high-speed pure action twin-stick semi-roguelike, with each new run generating new planets with a new loadout of weapons and upgrades to earn.  It’s not the type of setting for reasonable people to talk out their differences over a coffee/tea/beer, but fortunately everyone involved is armed to the teeth.  Check out the trailer below to get ready for an antisocial tour of the galaxy’s most doomed planets.