A Mix of Shooting, Platforming, and Punching Hits the NES Online Library in April

Nintendo has announced a trio of classic games hitting the NES Online service in April. The iconic Punch-Out! for the NES makes its debut on the Switch, and when combined with the arcade original being available via the eShop, makes this system the best way to play the origins of that series either on TV or on the go. Super Mario Bros. – The Lost Levels makes its Switch debut and is prepared to absolutely maim all who attempt to beat it. Even with save states, this notorious platformer will test the mettle of anyone who loves a hop and bop platformer. Finally, vertical shoot-em-up fans can rejoice as Star Soldier hits the Switch as well. This Hudson Soft shooter showcases some unique power-ups and a stellar soundtrack, and is sure to please fans of retro shooters on April 10 when all of these games are added to the service.

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