A New Job in a New World in Graveyard Keeper Launch Trailer

A significantly high percentage of working adults have had the experience of ending up in a new town with a new job, but generally not immediately after being hit by a car.  Graveyard Keeper is the story of a man who really should have been paying better attention while crossing the street, who then wakes up in a somewhat gloomy fantasy town not as a hero/savior but rather a lowly worker.  As it turns out, though, there’s more than enough going on around the run-down town to keep a grave digger busy, so he gets to work learning a new life while maybe finding a way back to the old one.

Graveyard Keeper is a somewhat morbid take on the standard Harvest Moon formula, except it really is best if the things you plant stay down.  Unlike standard farming the day-job only takes up a little of your time, so all the extra tasks come to the forefront to decimate your worker’s poor energy bar.  Chop wood, clear brush, break down stone, repair the graveyard from its run-down state, then do the same to your home, the surrounding landscape, and any other section of the world that catches your interest.  Every action is rewarded with various tokens that can be spent on new skills, which usually come with associated blueprints, which then lead to new things to build.  It’s a giant circle of repair, building, and crafting, with the occasional side-job of selling human meat to the local tavern.  Grave keeping isn’t that profitable, after all, but at least you can guarantee your product is locally sourced and fresh(ish).

Graveyard Keeper releases today on Steam and Xbox One.  Check out the teaser (-Update-  Yesterday’s teaser replaced with a much beefier launch trailer) below to get a hint of just how weird it can be.