A Quiet Place is Getting A Single-Player Game Adaptation

2018’s sci-fi horror movie A Quiet Place is getting itself a video game adaptation. Described as a single-player, story-driven horror adventure based in the same world as the movie, it’s been developed by Montreal-based studio iLLOGIKA — a developer whose members have past experience with both the Rainbow Six and Far Cry series of games — and published by Saber Interactive. A Quiet Place centers around a family trying to survive a post-apocalyptic world currently inhabited by alien creatures that can kill anyone who makes even the slightest sound.

How this premise translates into gameplay, or anything pertaining to the game’s premise itself, remains unknown however. While the game’s website is already live, you won’t find much by way of any additional information about the project other than the vague target of releasing sometime next year. What platforms the game will be available on as well, again remains unknown at this time. A sequel to the movie, A Quiet Place Part II, released in cinemas last May.