A Storm is Coming in Ghost of Tsushima’s New Trailer

Sucker Punch’s upcoming Ghost of Tsushima is still one of the year’s most highly anticipated games, and as such, we likely still have a few more features, trailers, and other things to get through before its release next month. Case in point, the new cinematic trailer for the game, titled “A Storm is Coming.” While not showing off any new gameplay, it’s still an impressive piece of work that sets the stage for the game’s world and story.

The new trailer sees our protagonist, samurai Jin Sakai, coming back after a defeat at the hands of the Mongol invaders. After that, we get a peek at the different techniques – conventional and non-conventional – Jim will use to free Tsushima from the Mongols. A storm is indeed coming, and a fiery one at that, so Jin needs to become the Ghost in order to survive it. Ghost of Tsushima arrives on July 17 for the PS4, and stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer for more coverage of the game as it’s released.