A Total War Saga: Troy Arrives on Epic Games Store in August

Total War fans only have a couple more months to wait until A Total War Saga: Troy is released and they finally have the chance to take part in of history’s most mythical conflicts. Creative Assembly and Sega announced today that the game will be launching for PC via the Epic Games Store on August 13. Furthermore, Total War Saga: Troy will be available for free to fans who download it within the first 24 hours of release. This¬† does indeed mean that the game is an Epic Games Store exclusive too. It won’t be available on other PC platforms until August 2021.

A Total War Saga: Troy allows fans to plunge into the fires of the Trojan War. Both the Trojans and the Greeks are playable factions, so players have the option to either see history through with Achilles or defy it alongside the Trojan hero Hector.¬† Only one side gets to use the Trojan Horse though, so players will have to decide it that’s worth passing up.

A Total War Saga: Troy launches for PC via Epic Games Store on August 13. Check out our review for Total War: Three Kingdoms to see how the series is doing at the moment.