A Weekend of Free Beauty with Panoramical and Gone Home

The world needs a little more Good in it and, to help with the necessary improvements, both the wonderful Panoramical and mysterious Gone Home are free this weekend at itch.io.  Panoramical is a visual tech-toy where you pick one of the fifteen scenes available and play with a small grid of unmarked knobs, tweaking the sound and visuals by experimenting with them any way you’d like.  Each control governs the pace and intensity of an aspect of the scene, and it’s very easy to get lost in both playing around to see what falls out or chasing after the perfect effect.  There’s no wrong way to play, and so long as you come out of the experience feeling like you’ve seen a little more beauty than you’d have experienced otherwise then you’ve won.  Gone Home is a bit more focused on a story told through what you find by exploring an unexpectedly empty house that used to be home, with the mystery of where your family disappeared to untangling bit by bit as you find pieces of the narrative puzzle.

It’s hard to beat free and pretty, so grab Panoramical and Gone Home at itch.io while the weekend offer is available.  It’s been a difficult few months and mentally unwinding should do everyone a world of good.

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