Abe Rides Again in Long-Awaited Oddworld: Soulstorm Trailer

Abe has had an Oddysee and an Exoddus, but his path through Oddworld has still only just begun.  Way, way back in the PS1 days the Oddworld series was conceived as a quintology, five games that would tell the story of Abe’s rise from a faceless cog in the Glukkon’s capitalist machine to the revolutionary savior of Oddworld.  Despite two Abe games, Munch’s Oddysee, and Stranger’s Wrath, the quintology only ever got one official entry with the rest being spin-offs.  Twenty-three years is a long time to wait for the second game in a series but, after remakes and side-stories, it’s finally almost time for Abe to take his next step forward.  That step is Oddworld: Soulstorm, shown off for the first time in the PlayStation 5 press event today.

Like the original games Soulstorm is going to be a platform-adventure, pretty as a PS5 game should be and with modern-day features like crafting and minor RPG progression options but still being recognizable as a direct descendant of the 1989 classic Prince of Persia.  True, the spikes and traps are as likely to take out Abe’s crew of followers as Abe himself, but there’s a lot of running, jumping, and learning the difference between a jump you can land and one that requires grabbing on by the fingertips.  The narrative, on the other hand, is all 2020, with all that entails.  Check out the new trailer below, and let’s hope Abe can hold up under the pressure of becoming the savior Oddworld needs.