Abstract Shooter ‘sphereFACE’ Needs Just a Bit More Kickstarter Funding

At the start of July, indie developer VoxelStorm launched a Kickstarter campaign for sphereFACE. What the heck is sphereFACE? Basically, it’s a shooter inspired by Asteroids but given depth by placing all the action inside a 3D sphere.

So basically, as you look around the sphere, you’ll see different asteroids which need to be destroyed. Given the game’s inspirations, it also features a vector art style reminiscent of Asteroids.

With less than a week left to go, the Kickstarter needs just about $500 more to reach the approximately $4,049 goal. The funding will allow them to add more weapons and enemies, along with a few other tweaks. Here’s a link to their Greenlight page as they still need help to launch on Steam, too.