ACE Team Announces Alien Survival Adventure The Eternal Cylinder

Well, ACE Team seems to be having quite the exciting day so far! Not only did they announce their third Rock of Ages game with some assistance from Modus Games, but now they’re also teaming up with Good Shepherd as well for their new open-world survival game, The Eternal Cylinder. Centering around a group of creatures known as Trebhums, the game has you guiding them through a bizarre alien world with several dangers. The announcement trailer below reveals more, also further showing off ACE Team’s signature surreal style.

Our little Trebhums start out low on the food chain, but will be able to gain over fifty mutations along the way that allow them to survive and bypass obstacles in various ways. Said obstacles include over thirty different handcrafted alien creatures that you’ll either have to avoid or prey upon, and several different biomes with various environmental conditions you’ll need to adapt to. Oh, and there’s the mysterious and massive civilization-destroying rolling cylinder that threatens to crush you as well. What, you thought “The Eternal Cylinder” was just a metaphor or something? This is ACE Team we’re talking about here.

The clip showcases more than a few mutations, creatures, and the ever-threatening cylinder, of course. The Eternal Cylinder may be ACE Team’s most ambitious game yet, and we can’t wait to see more of it. And if you really want a chance to get your hands on it, you can head over to the game’s website to sign up and be eligible for the upcoming closed beta. Said site also goes into further details on some of the mutations and creatures, so we recommend taking a look anyway. The Eternal Cylinder will be heading to consoles (though no specific consoles have been named yet) and PC as an Epic Games Store exclusive in 2020, so make sure to keep an eye out for it.

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