Action Arcade Wrestling Coming to Nintendo Switch in February

Action Arcade Wrestling first hit Steam two years ago as CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling before being rebranded without CHIKARA upon that company’s closure. Since then, it has hit the PS4 and Xbox One consoles and will be coming to the Switch sooner rather than later. It’s a fast-paced wrestling game that aims to offer up enough depth for folks wanting it while still being easy to pick up and play.

With the Switch already playing host to RetroMania Wrestling, Action Arcade Wrestling joins the ranks of games that should find a niche on the hybrid console’s portable mode – enabling it to be a perfect pick up and play experience. The Wrestle Factory creation suite is one of the most robust out there – but does require a PC to use. However, the end results can just be downloaded to a console – so a player doesn’t need a PC to enjoy the creations of others. It’s a super-fun game and hits the Switch in February of 2022.