Action Arcade Wrestling Coming to Switch on February 9

Rising from the ashes of CHIKARA Action Arcade Wrestling, AAW hit the scene a couple of years ago on PC and more recently on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – but Switch owners were left in the lurch a bit. It was known that the game would be coming to the console, but not when. Today, it was announced that this blend of arcade-like fun and pure fantasy-level insanity with will be coming to the Switch on February 2.

There is no other wrestling game on the market with a creation suite as robust and thanks to the toolset, players can enjoy using a roster of both fictional characters and fan-made creations from across the world. It’s an easy to learn game that puts an emphasis on fast action while still allowing for slower-paced matches. Crazy attacks like fireballs and lightning can be used alongside an assortment of weapons. It will be an eShop-exclusive as of now – but maybe we’ll see it get picked up for a physical release later on. At only $14.99, it’s an incredible value for the money.