Action-RPG Moonlighter Opens Physical Pre-Order from Signature Edition Games

Sleep is for the weak, so when shopkeeper Will gets a chance to blow it off for adventuring there’s really no other option than to use his nights to explore the new worlds found through an ancient gate located on the edge of town.  Daytime is for shopkeeping, night is for action and discovery, and the two activities feed into each other in a way that completely justifies Will’s sleep deprivation.  Moonlighter is a pixel-art action-roguelike RPG where town life is as important as dungeon crawling, and now that it’s been out for a few months with a good number of updates it’s time for the physical edition to go live.

Or at least, live for pre-orders.  Moonlighter starts shipping November 9 from Signature Edition Games in both fancy and standard versions.  The cheaper regular edition comes in the usual spartan box with disc inside, but the nicer Signature Edition has a decent amount of goodies packed inside.  In addition to the standard soundtrack CD there’s also a poster, medallion, and most importantly a squishy jelly-monster from the game, all packed in a sturdy box with protective outer sleeve.  If you know you need the game then it’s worth your while to pre-order quickly, because the first 500 orders also come with one of Signature Edition’s excellent collector coins.

Moonlighter is available for PS4 and Switch, and both consoles get the choice of regular or Signature Edition versions.  You can pre-order over here for what should work out to be November delivery.