Adorable RPG Moco Moco Friends Coming to 3DS This Fall

Have you ever wondered what Pokemon might look like if it were an even cuter game? It might be something akin to Moco Moco Friends. This upcoming adventure RPG has pastel-colored monsters, cute chibi characters, and the magical world even gets the adorable name of “Dreamtopia.”

Players will pit their Moppets (the tiny monsters!) against the evil trying to infiltrate Dreamtopia. Similarly to Pokemon, you’ll also be able to evolve Moppets and collect 120 in all. Beyond the main and side quests, there’s also a garden for collecting items/crops which keeps on chugging regardless of whether you’re actively playing or not.

There’s no doubt that Moco Moco Friends will draw 3DS players in with its colorful artwork and cast of squee-worthy Moppets. It’s available for pre-order now with a launch intended for sometime this fall.