Adventure Bar Story to be Localized for 3DS in the West

Circle Entertainment, publishers of indie games on Nintendo platforms and probably best known for their more recent work both as a publisher and developer on Swords & Soldiers, revealed today that they will be bringing Western gamers a port of the 2006 mobile-RPG, Adventure Bar Story.

ABS is exactly as it sounds: players assume the role Gustav, the owner of a said bar, who is trying to stop a cut-throat business man from buying it outright. To stop the purchase, Gustav decides that he must turn his tavern into the ‘it’ spot, which he decides can be done by squaring off against monsters inside the place in order to obtain rare ingredients. There are over 400 recipes that these ingredients can be used for, and are the basis for leveling up characters. That’s right, in Adventure Bar Story, party members only level up when they eat.

Although the quirky RPG was ported to English in 2012, Circle Entertainment’s endeavor will mark the title’s first foray into none-smartphone territory. It will be released via the eShop, though a hard date and price have yet to be announced.

For a look at some gameplay, check the video below: