Adventures of Pip Wii U Release Pushed Up

As if the Wii U wasn’t attractive enough these days, Nintendo has surprised its loyal fans in a wonderful way by moving the release of Adventures of Pip up an entire week. Tic Toc Games’ debut title was originally scheduled to launch next Thursday on Steam, followed by a Wii U release a week later on June 11, but a tweet from the studio today revealed a pleasant change of plans:

It’s a huge win for Wii U owners, who will be quite pleased with Nintendo’s latest console after the ongoing Humble Nintendo Indie Bundle, Splatoon’s long awaited release, and now the expedited arrival of one of 2015’s most promising indie games. Adventures of Pip has consistently impressed us throughout its development, and all signs point toward it being a truly special experience. We’ll have a full review at release, but until then you can check out our previews of the game here and here.