AEW Fight Forever: Elite Edition Announced

AEW Fight Forever has had a busy week — the game had a press event during AEW’s Double or Nothing PPV event in Las Vegas this past weekend, and Matt Hardy was announced as a pre-order bonus. In addition, AEW Games announced today that an Elite Edition will be available alongside the regular edition. We know that regular pre-orders will all include two versions of Matt Hardy — “Broken” Matt Hardy and Hardy Boyz-era Matt Hardy, while the Elite Edition offers a lot more content for only $20 more. The standard edition is $59.99, while the Elite Edition is $79.99 and has various discounts depending on the platform.

The Elite Edition features the Matt Hardy Pack alongside The FTR: Revival Pack, The Limitless Bunny Bundle, and The Hookhausen Very Handsom, Very Evil Pack. The FTR Revival Pack has Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler along with two mini-games in the form of JoinUs and Death Race-X. JoinUs is likely Dark Order-related, while Death Race-X seems like it might be a kart racer akin to what was featured in Mortal Kombat Armageddon eighteen years ago.

The Limitless Bunny Bundle features “The Bunny” Allie and “Limitless” Keith Lee alongside MJF Car Thrash and Sloth Sling. Car Thrash seems like a demolition derby, but it’s hard to get a read on what Sloth Sling would be. Finally, the Hookhausen pack has Taz’s son HOOK and Conan ‘O Brien’s friend Danhausen, although a mini-game wasn’t announced for their pack, which is surprising. One would think that Danhausen cursing people would be an option for a mini-game.

Those who grab the Elite Edition will also gain access to the game on June 28 instead of June 29. You can wishlist the game now on Steam, PSN and the Xbox storefronts. With PSN and the Xbox storefronts, having a premium membership to either PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold enables a discount — taking the Elite Edition to $71.99 — offering a lot of value for the dollar. Steam doesn’t yet have the game available for pre-order, and the Switch eShop hasn’t been updated to reflect the new version yet either.

AEW Fight Forever will be All Elite Wrestling’s first video game and the first non-WWE 3D wrestling game since TNA Impact in 2008 for a US-based company or AAA Heroes Del Ring for lucha libre fans towards the beginning of the 2010s. In every instance, the non-WWE game has suffered in terms of sales while this roster is far more star-studded and even without factoring in DLC, it’s a more stacked roster than TNA Impact had including DLC. The game is under a month away and we’ll see how well it turns out soon enough. Yuke’s pedigree with wrestling games is top-shelf and with them having a new license to work with, it’ll be interesting to see how the future pans out for the game.

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