AEW Fight Forever Showcased in New Trailer Ahead of Full Gear PPV

AEW has revealed a new trailer showcasing more in-game action than we have seen yet for its video game debut with AEW Fight Forever. New roster members have been shown off as well, with WCW, TNA, and WWE icon Sting joining the lineup alongside “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson. We also get to see a lot of bloodshed in a quick clip of Jericho and a longer clip of Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa. Apron attacks are in to some degree and akin to what we saw in Day of Reckoning on the GC where you can do seemingly any throwing-type move onto the apron – although we’ll see just how far this goes when the game is released. It’s definitely looking a bit rough visually for some of the character models, with Danielson in particular looking like a created version of himself, but the core gameplay looks fun. We’ll know more on the game when it comes out in early 2023.