AEW Fight Forever Showcases Company’s Four Pillars Ahead of PPV, Game Release

One day ahead of the company’s Double or Nothing Pay-Per-View with its “four pillars” in the AEW World Title main event, All Elite Wrestling has released a new video clip of their upcoming AEW Fight Forever video game recreating a bit of what that match could entail. Before MJF defends his title against Sammy Guevera, Darby Allin, and “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry, the AEW Games team unleashed them in a no DQ four-way war. It’s the first time we have see a match with this many people in officially-released footage.

In it, we see the devious MJF attempt to slice up Darby Allin’s face with a grounded forearm rake – a move that was deadly in the GameCube’s WWE Day of Reckoning games, after Darby lands a big stundog millionaire. Playing off of the real-life storyline, Sammy and MJF team up to deliver a double suplex onto Jack Perry. The organic animations leading into the double suplex also evoke Day of Reckoning, while the powerbomb on the ring steps is an extension of what was done in DoR with moves like suplexes and powerbombs being able to be done through announce tables smoothly instead of as a canned animation.

Darby goes for the Coffin Drop, but Guevera avoids it before MJF chokes him in the corner with his boot. Sammy escapes and hits Perry with a Spanish Fly off the top rope while Allin and MJF fight on the floor. Darby sends MJF down and Perry hits a somersault senton onto MJF. The level of fluidity in the action in everything is impressive and everything on-screen makes visual sense – just like Yuke’s prior non-WWE 2K games.

Jack and MJF attack Darby before Perry lands a hiptoss into a superkick and MJF lands a big dropkick in the corner. Each of the pillars is shown winning the title and we get the first glimpse of the AEW World Title in the game – and it looks solid. Everything about the core in-ring action looks fantastic in motion and the flow of a real-world AEW match is replicated quite well. Given that the game will have things like barbed wire death matches in addition to this kind of frantic multi-man action, it does bode well for tag team matches – although it does seem like trios tag matches won’t be available, even if that does offer up a dangling carrot for either a follow-up game or a DLC set down the road. AEW Fight Forever hits all consoles and PC via Steam on June 29 and we’ll be taking a closer look at it as its release draws closer.


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