AEW Games Reveals Nyla Rose, Kris Statlander for AEW Fight Forever

Since the debut of All Elite Wrestling in 2019, fans have wanted a video game based on the promotion and we have seen bits and pieces come out over the past year. It started with a very early trailer and then with the Darby Allin reveal, we got a better look at more complete gameplay sections. Now, with the game targeting a late 2022 release window, more has been shown and we have two character reveals in a single day alongside it with former Women’s World Champion Nyla Rose and Kris Statlander being showcased.

Nyla Rose was the second women’s champion in company history and blends a Vader-like domination with a surprising amount of flying. She’s very much a modern-day Bam Bam Bigelow in the sense that she combines both power and selective agility in a way that helps her stand out from anyone else in the business. Her top moves are showcased in the trailer against Kris Statlander, who also got a chance to shine in video form.

Kris Statlander was originally “The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien” in AEW and blended a killer presentation with an athletic moveset. With more power than most women on the roster, she could hold her own with anyone and does moves that are out of this world. With her recent change to a more reality-based character, the original incarnation of her after her return from injury will live forever in game form and looks fantastic. With Yuke’s developing it and No Mercy’s director at the helm, AEW Fight Forever is looking like it will be a dream come true for long-time gaming fans. We’ll see just how it turns out when it hopefully releases later this year.

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