Aggro Crab Go Full Aggro Crab, Reveal Another Crab’s Treasure

In 2020, Seattle-based developers Aggro Crab found themselves with an acclaimed hit on their hands when they released Going Under, an incredibly fun satirical roguelike adventure. But during today’s Indie World presentation, they said Going Under didn’t make them rich as hell, so now they’re going all in on the game idea that everyone would want from Aggro Crab: A self-published, literal game about aggro crabs, Another Crab’s Treasure.

Another Crab’s Treasure is a soulslike game that features crab battles, and once again, we should just be able to leave the game’s description at that, since logically, you shouldn’t need anything else to get excited. But since we do need to apparently mention more details, players jump into the role of Kril the hermit crab, whose shell has been repossessed in an undersea world that’s been cursed by pollution. So now they have to utilize several other shells and pieces of trash as armor and wield powerful Umami Magic in order to fight their way through this epic journey to reclaim their treasured shell, and maybe save the world along the way. Aggro Crab’s goal here is to apparently make a more accessible and unique soulslike game while still respecting the level of challenge and threatening settings in them, and we’ll see if they succeed in that area when Another Crab’s Treasure comes out in 2023 for the Switch and PC.

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