Agony Developers Cancel Unrated Version, Cite Legal & Financial Issues

Despite its less-than-stellar reception when it launched at the end of May, Madmind Studios — the developers behind the hellish (for more reasons than one) Agony — had promised that they would release an Unrated patch for the PC version of the game, having already watered down some of the game’s explicit content prior to launch just to get a rating approval for console release prior. Well sadly it looks like any hopes for an utterly grotesque and uncensored version of the first-person trawl through hell have been dashed.

Posting on the game’s Steam community page, the developer has confirmed that they have cancelled any and all development of the PC patch, citing both legal and financial difficulties as the cause. It’s a strange turn of events given that the developer had previously wrote on June 7 that they had found a way to self-publish the Unrated version without external influence. Unsurprisingly, this latest update hasn’t gone down well with a large swathe of users, be it those who backed the game via the project’s original Kickstarter, or not. Agony originally raised CA $182,642 with one of its stretch goals being a VR mode for the whole game.