Agos: A Game of Space is Ubisoft’s Latest Spacefaring Venture into VR

It might not feel like it, but Ubisoft have in fact more than committed to the VR space in recent years with the likes of Transference and Star Trek Bridge Crew but two of the company’s entries and it looks as if they’re ready to add to that growing list this coming October. Their latest title taking players to the depths of space in Agos: A Game of Space. Taking control of the AI behind in charge of the last ship to leave a desolated Earth, players explore a multitude of stellar systems with the primary aim, of course, being to expand the accompanying main ship and survive the vastness of space.

Be it mining nearby asteroids for resources, developing new technologies, trading with fellow ships or even exploring the remains of abandoned stations you stumble upon, the entire game plays out in first-person as players get to grips with what is described as a “realistic physics-based” system of gameplay, to press on. One, the developers claim, removes the concern for any kind of motion sickness. Agos: A Game of Space releases on October 28 for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index.