Aka Brings Peaceful Panda Quests to Players This December

There appears to be quite the bigger focus on more wholesome and cozy games these days, especially among indie games, which isn’t that surprising given the hardships of recent times. One such title was shown shown off during today’s Indie World presentation, where a Switch version and release date was announced for the game. That would be Aka, an open world game from developers Cosmo Gatto. As seen in the trailer below, the game will allow players to engage in such wholesome activities as gardening, playing music, sleeping on the back of a giant capybara, swimming, being confronted by the spirits of those that you’ve slain, and making new frien-wait, what was that last one?

Yes, our protagonist may be a cuddly red panda, but they’re also a retired soldier seeking inner peace. And their journey towards piece involves learning the stories behind the ghosts of their pasts, exploring the island and crafting various items for quests, and even engaging in mini-games or just lounging around in order to increase their level of happiness. It looks like an absolute charmer of a game, and we won’t have to wait long for it, as Aka comes out on December 15 for the Switch and PC, with some publishing assistance courtesy of NEOWIZ.