Akira Prototype Released for Sega Genesis

Akira wasn’t just a legendary anime, but it was also planned to be a Mega Drive/Genesis game with a 1995 release. At that time, the Genesis was on the downward swing, but the system did still have a lot of goodwill built up and was more appealing for a lot of families who maybe didn’t want to spend $500 on a Saturn.

The game was thought to be lost beyond some blurry screenshots, but that has all changed. Hidden Palace didn’t just release a ton of information about the game, including screenshots, but also released the ROM as well. The build is buggy, but has a good amount of variety in a way that was unusual for its time. You have motorcycle usage, isometric action and side-scrolling action alongside a first-person dungeon-crawler akin to the first Phantasy Star.

The foundation is here for fans to revamp it from here if they so desire — or at least just fix the bugs that are present and make it more playable.

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