Akupara Games to Publish Zoeti, a Playing Card Rougelike

We aren’t exactly lacking in roguelikes built around deck-building these days, with several of them coming across as homages to classic collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering. But what if instead of Magic-style cards, we instead had a roguelike where you battled with traditional playing cards? That’s what Taiwan-based developers Dusklight have come up with in the form of Zoeti, a turn-based roguelike that made a bit of an impact during last Autumn’s Steam Next fest event. And now it’s been announced that Akupara Games will be helping to publish the game as well, helping to support the game even further.

The game sees you playing as a “Star-Soul” hero who sets out to help rid their land of evil, combating monsters with a huge hand of playing cards each turn and using winning hands like a full house, straight, three of a kind, et cetera, in order to deal devastating attacks. In between enemy encounters, the player will also learn new attacks to assign to each hand and upgrade old ones, come across various relics and helpful items, make choices that impact the story and the loot you find, and more. Notably, Zoeti was set to enter Early Access sometime this year, but alongside the announcement of Akupara’s involvement is the reveal the game will now be skipping early access and will aim for a 2023 on PC instead. Hopefully this means Zoeti will get the extra care in deserves, as it seems like a rather unique game in this genre.

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