Aliens Touch Down in Two Point Hospital ‘Close Encounters’ DLC

Aliens have landed in Two Point County…allegedly. No solid proof has turned up yet, but it’s a fact that strange incidents have started cropping up throughout the area. Some notable personalities are even saying that the Two Point government is involved somehow, but what does any of that matter to a busy hospital administrator who’s got several mysterious new diseases on their hands? Quite a bit as it turns out.

When it launches on August 29, Two Point Hospital’s “Close Encounters” DLC will augment Two Point County’s healthcare system with three new hospitals, 34 new illnesses, three new cure rooms, alien characters and a host of new challenges to chase. Once enough illnesses are treated and the area’s alien presence is confirmed, it’s off to the top-secret Chasm 24 facility to uncover everything the government’s been hiding.

Two Point Hospital is available now on PC and will be coming to consoles in late 2019. Check our our review for a full breakdown the kind of zaniness Two Point Hospital has in store for its players.