All Elite Wrestling Console Game Also Coming to PC

On the July 24, 2021 edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, AEW World Champion and Executive Vice President (and also massive gamer) stated that the AEW console game headed up by Yuke’s and former Aki developer Hideyuki Iwashita will be coming to a new platform. It was known to be headed to consoles, but it will now be heading to PCs as well. Now this isn’t altogether shocking, but it is especially interesting with Steam Deck because that means that there will be a way to enjoy the game wherever you are thanks to the horsepower the device provides.

AEW’s full-on game has had very little shown for it, but we did see a recent Omega-narrated video showing off Darby Allin taking on a green dummy character with some striking, and it looks like the gameplay has a solid flow to it so far. Darby’s character model looks fantastic and everything looks better than it did in the initial Omega vs. Jericho clip from eight months ago. It isn’t known which game engine Yuke’s is using, but the striking looks to have the hard-hitting nature of what the latter-day 2K games had but with a lot more polish. We’ll be keeping a keen eye on AEW’s game as it draws closer.